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Spring flowers

After all the rain we have had, the flowers are so pretty in our yard. I felt compelled to wander through the yard and take pictures of all the beautiful flowers.

My pretty red geraniums, always so pretty and bright !!!


Tha potted pansies are still looking good, despite some mid 80 days !!


This next rose is just so beautiful and the pictures do not do justice to the color. it is a dusty pink , but a unusual dusty pink. After almost dying a few years ago when we had an extreme winter and summer, the roses came back very tiny. This year they are bigger, but I am not sure if they will ever be the big roses they once were !! The color did not change , however. They are my favorite rose of all time.



I love the vibrant colors of the dianthus , never hard to see from across the yard !!


My husband loves these single roses, tea roses I think they are called. I really do not care for them, as to me they look like half is missing. I still think the color is good and could not resist this picture with the small bug on the rose !!


IMG_1007 IMG_1010

my favorite rose again.

IMG_1028 IMG_1030

Our Iris did not bloom as much as usual, this is the last one, but most of our iris plants did not bloom at all. Very odd for our plants. Usually we get a ton of iris blooms !!



I am a huge fan of snapdragons and love the pinks the most. Such pretty little things and the grand kids love making them talk !!!

IMG_1032 IMG_1037 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041 IMG_1042

We have more rain coming through later this week, I am thrilled as they plants are all loving it !!  I collected some rain water for my few house plants and I am sure they appreciated it !!!

Not much is going on regarding the house, kitchen is still on hold for now. We hope to finish it up in the next couple of months, and that will be a huge relief !!We are all very tired of the half done kitchen !!!

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Flowers, lots of flowers !!!

I have been so excited waiting to plant some spring flowers and finally got to do some potted plants on Saturday and have more to put in the garden this week, a forecast final frost kept them on the porch the last few days, I had them all set out, but had to pull them in and cover them with that garden cloth, all survived and will be planted on Friday !!!

This is what me and some of our grandkids were up to on Saturday morning !!





i dug this bush out of the garden, he has been in there for four years and has hardly grown, so, I potted him, he looked limp the first day, but looks great now !! I like him  better as a potted plant !!

Yes I do call my plants him, sometimes her, lol. Always  have !!! Mostly just the permanant ones. IMG_0036







set out and ready to plant !!!

pretty vintage inspired plant stand, soon to be filled with flowers and herbs !!


So, friday I will be sure to take some pictures and share my progress !! I would have had them all in the ground already, but after hearing the forecast figured it was safer to wait.

so excited about spring, looking forward to a beautiful yard this year !!!

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