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Then and now !!

I thought it would be fun to show how the house looked when we first bought it , these were taken two years after, and show how different it was, pink no detail painted, the front trim was all pink, except for the squares. YOu can see in the currrent pictures how we painted the big white board and molding accross the front and under the eaves, bright white, which really made the house prettier !!



you can see the pretty trim painted white in this pictureDSCN4411

The back porch taken a year earlier and again, that large board on the back is painted the same color as the house !! We also still had a really ugly storm door and one of those really old doors with the diamond shaped window in it, not like the pretty door we have now in back !! The new door, well, over five years ago new, was a result of getting locked out of the house by a tricky door lock and having to kick the door in, which I have never regreted as we would probably still have that ugly door, lol !!! And yes, I kicked the  door in, which is not as impressive as it sounds as we found only two large nails held the entire door frame in, so we were fairly horrified !



look how small the crepe myrtles were eleven years ago and how much nicer the picket was although it was already showing signs of decay even then . We took off the metal awnings to let light into the house, which helped a lot.


IMG_8883this see how tiny the crepe myrtle trees were back in 2003y

this was earlier this year, they are even bigger and prettier now !! they go above the wires now, which means we will have to trim them this winter so the city does not next spring !! The second picture was taken yesterday !



We noticed this past week how the grass is going dormant already, you can see it in the above picture taken yesterday,  despite being heavily watered, so we are not sure what that means for winter, but maybe an early one, which would be wonderful !! It has also really slowed down and is hardly growing any more. Weird for Sept. fount an inside shot of that ugly door from nine years ago, I  used to tack a cloth napkin over it for privacy, our colors are much different, no more brown and red,
We hated that door and love the one we have now with the windows on top !! Brown carpet and brown paint, with the celing painted the same color, makes a cave, will never do that again !!

this is the back family room, we have a full formal living room up front, that is the big window in the front of the house, next to the porch !!


the room is a lot different but still has some of the same items, the hat rack is down but will re hung next to the tv behind the door, the new tv is much taller and it was hidden behind it, so that is going to be back up and I have a picture to hang above the tv with all the colors of the room, purple, sage green and nuetrals and we will be painting it purple soon , a pretty rich color. For those observant people, it is a huge bottle of bubbles for the grandkids, that somehow  just got left there !! The room is much brighter with the brown paint off the walls and ceilings, and we will paint a pretty shade of purple mauve and repaint the ceiling a bright white, it is a tan now, which was just a top coat to cover the cave like brown.



Well, that is all for now, kind of a rambling before and after post. I hope to share many more projects for this ninety year old house !! We have a lot to do on it !!

Thanks for stopping by !!!