Spring time at our cute vintage cottage

I will be posting a lot more as we work on our house this summer. But spring is here and I wanted to share some pretty pictures from our yards. Front and back !!

I do not know what kind of iris this top one is, but after thirteen years they have really spread out and are so pretty !! We have a lot of purple as well, but this dusty pink is just so pretty !!

I do not know what color this top iris is, they started out with just a few and now after 13 yeaI

I do IiiiiiI do I over 13 I am not sure what color of iris this is, but over the 13 y





we purchased some new rose bushes to plant and this is one of them , a pretty yellow rose !!


the iris bed , very wild, and a lot of baby trees. After they are done blooming and the flowers die down, we will pull them and everything else out of this flower bed and move the iris around the yard. We have some yellow in different parts of the yard and we will plant them around some of the trees in the front yard and our light in the front yard, just leaving a few in this flower bed so they have room to spread out, they are very crowded now !! We plan to make the flower bed smaller as well.


Our wisteria were stunning this year. They are almost bloomed out now, but were just stunning a few weeks ago.  Of course I took a million pictures , so I will share a few below this picture !!


they they they they were loaded with flowe3rthe





We had to tame it a bit and my husband wired it to the fence to keep it off our neighbors roof and from going under the eves of her garage !!



thisThis was our wisteria  in 2002. Thithi


this is our wisteria from thirteen years ago. It was very old and finally we lost it a few years ago. The new one on the fence is a baby from a runner off this orginal, but even better is the new one that just started a year ago in almost the same place as the old one. So, David put a decorative ring around it and we are hoping one day it will be as big as the original. We are thrilled it lives on in the new vines. Our house was pink, the fence was six foot, and there was no fence around the outside of the property, and the car port was open. Now it has a gate, and lattice, the inside fence is a picket and there is a six foot on the outside edge of the property !! Things have changed a lot in thirteen years !!




there is another baby next to it, so we are letting them both grow. The bigger one is actually three vines that David wove together and tied with plant tape. We are going to take very good care of it and one day we hope to have another beautiful big wisteria tree / bush like we used to !!




I love our rose bush in the front yard. We let it go wild until it finishes blooming and then David cuts it way back for the year, shaping it and keeping it trimmed. It only blooms the one time, but the scent of the pretty and dainty roses is worth waiting for , they are just stunning !!


this is my favorite stage, in between bud and fully bloomed. DSCN0942


just so pretty , perfect shade of pink


this is how small they are. My hands are not that big, and average womans hand,  so they are pretty tiny.




I do not care as much for the fully bloomed flowers, but they are still pretty. A wonderful display over our front gate every spring !!! It will bloom for couple weeks. DSCN0977

So, spring is sprung here  and I am enjoying every minute of it. We will be doing a lot of projects this spring and summer I will share. Repairing our picket fence, repairing our front porch, almost rebuilding it,  putting in a shower in the front bath, new carpet and paint in parts of the house. We have a very long list as well as a lot of stuff in the yards. Plants to put in, and plants to come out. I am really looking forward to the changes to come and look forward to sharing them with you !!

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4 thoughts on “Spring time at our cute vintage cottage

  1. stephiesbeadsandbaubles.com Post author

    I agree completely, and I plan on planting a lot of bulbs this fall for more color next spring !!! We try to buy perennials, and only occasionally buy annuals, I love seeing all the plants come back to life in the spring !!



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