Back porch clean up.

Our back porch was a mess, so bad I forgot to even take pictures, but this was from a few weeks ago and you can see the mess we had going on !! IMG_0544

My husband started by extending the flagstone extension to the patio and putting the grill on the other sides improving our sight lines from the house !! Instead of seeing a big black cover on the grill, now I can see the yard from the family room


We had a big table on the porch that had four old blue folding chairs around it, we put them away and made two small seating areas instead !! IT was nice to get it all cleaned up and pretty again !!



table spool from work , benches from a yard sale cheap !!


DSCN8190cute wire teapot and cups all around the porch !



a coffee pot too !!




it is a pleasure to spend time on our back porch now, we still want to get some nicer furniture for it, but for now, it is nice and neat and clean !!

Thanks for stopping by !!




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